Lost Of Team Jobs

Are you starting to feel lost about what your team is working on?

It is a usual feeling among many companies. You get into the room, everybody is working, but you actually don’t know what are they doing?

If you relate to this kind of situation, this post is for you.

Problem: The company starts to grow as the number of projects, so, the priority tasks definition for each team member becomes hard to do (not enough time, not proper tools to do it). Then it becomes  difficult to identify the status of each project and exactly what needs to be delivered and when. Chaos arrived!

With the heavily daily tasks, the ones responsible for priorities and jobs allocation are not able to do it, and then, by need, the team self-manages itself without having the proper information to take decisions, loosing targets and deadlines.

Consequence: The team just put out fire, the urgent comes before the important (as everything is late), the deliveries don´t happen as promised, the team in contact with the client gets lost and with no credibility causing complaining of them, demotivation, low productivity and low self-esteem of the team. As well as it gets complicated to identify who delivers and who doesn’t deliver a good performance.

Solution: Having your projects organized and prioritized in a backlog, with the correct collaborators allocated to them. Plan, at least weekly the team jobs and follow them up in a check meeting. Ensure visual management of the tasks to be done and its status (dashboard). Monitoring the team and helping the, to monitor themselves is essential.

How Can CF Help? We have a portfolio management platform that allows to organize and understand the status and tasks backlog in real time. A solution to manage human resources where you can find out the skills of each member of your team and where are them allocated at the time, as well, a workflow to tasks assigning. The projects, deadlines and revenues integration gets you a fast and effective priority of backlog jobs.

See on the following video how easy is it:


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