What motivate you?

We’re asking that question to welcome you to our blog. We are moving more each day into a direction where the enjoying the life in his all aspects is becoming more and more valued. And to accomplish that you must basically do the opposite of what is being preached all over the place: you must have discipline and willingness to plan and agree with everyone involved in your life the major decisions and actions you are going to take. After all, life and happiness are experienced through the relationship and moments we share everyday with our family, friends, colleagues, suppliers, client and others. I like to think of that as the circus performer that must balance 30 wheeling plates on 30 different sticks.

But handling all that is most of the time a chaotic task. And chaos leads to anxiety, doubts e most of the times to lack of self-esteem. Having known a lot of different realities that mass up with the life of the great majority of entrepreneurs, being them owners of their companies or leaders of departments in different companies, we decided to create Crunchflow with the purpose of providing a framework to crunch the chaotic processes into a positive flow, which then can be controlled, managed and continuously improved. Only through continuous improvement we can keep our lives moving forward and growing in a better way. And that of course, enable us to live better and coexist in a healthy way with our ecosystem. Why try to find and gather information from 5 different places that do not integrate to each other if you can do these using only one system.

You can be the CEO, the manager or a part of the technical staff. Being able to work better in a more organized way has the capability of improving your whole life and you whole relationship with everyone around you.

Our Focus on this blog is to talk about different subjects that are common pain points among different companies, but that can be solved to make your life better.

But why this post is titled “What Motivate you?”. Because what motivates us is to help you bring a better flow into your life. Is to help you to be better organized and spend more time on what is really important for you.

If you have any contribution to this blog or site, let us know. Hope you enjoy it.

Crunch the chaos into a positive flow. Crunchflow!

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